School Talk



Our school believes in ‘positive talk’ to all children in our classes, in the playground and at home.

We encourage children at Swan View to discuss their ideas and feelings positively with others through:

  • Appropriate language
  • No swearing or use of ‘bad’ words
  • Taking turns to talk
  • Listening to others
  • Social conventions of conversation (eg body language)
  • Group or class discussions
  • Role play and social stories.


We use strategies such as:

  • I like the way you said… That’s great school talk.
  • I can see you feel angry.  Let’s use our ‘School talk’ words to solve the problem.


Adults both at school and at home should be positive language role models for children. We need your support in promoting positive ‘School Talk!’


Please support the school at home by talking to your child about what is appropriate language and behaviour to use at school.