Dress Code

Dress code






The Council has established a dress code for all students attending this school.  By enrolling your child/children in our school you are entering into an agreement to abide by this policy.  The policy has been developed using guidelines set down by the Education Department of Western Australia (1997).




The School Council believes a school dress code:

  • reduces peer pressure.
  • provides cost effective clothing.
  • encourages pride in the school and personal presentation.
  • allows students to be easily identified.
  • promotes the image of the school.
  • encourages team spirit. 




Dress Code


Sun Protection Policy


Overexposure to the sun during childhood and adolescence is an important contributing factor to the development of skin cancer in later life.  As students are at school during times of peak ultraviolet (UV) radiation, school can play a major role in creating a supportive environment that minimises exposure and encourages sun protective behaviours.

Our Sun Protection policy has been developed to ensure that all students, staff, parents and visitors attending Swan View Primary School are protected from skin damage caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.  This policy is to be implemented when the forecast average monthly index in our area is 3 or above (available from www.bom.gov.au).  The sun protection practices outlined in this policy will be applied to all school activities, including sports carnivals, excursions and camps.  The policy has been developed in consultation with the whole school community.


Outdoor Activities

  • Ensure sun protection measures are applied to students and staff while outside when the UV Index is 3 or above.
  • Timetable as many outdoor activities as possible such as assemblies, sport and physical education when the UV Index is below 3.  When this is not possible activities should be scheduled as far from 12 noon as possible.
  • Ensure that adequate shade is provided at sporting carnivals and outdoor events.



  • Ensure there is adequate provision of shade within the school grounds for students and staff, by planting trees and building shade structure.  Particularly in areas where students congregate, for example, lunch, canteen, outdoor lesson areas.
  • Encourage staff and students to use shade or covered areas when outside.



  •  Require students and staff to wear a wide brimmed hat that protects the face, neck, ears and crown of the head whenever they are outside.
  • Students without hats will remain protected from the sun and encouraged to play in shaded areas.  
  • Encourage parents and guests to wear broad-brimmed hats when participating in and attending outdoor school activities.
  • Require students, staff and parent helpers to wear broad-brimmed hats, sun protective clothing and sunscreen for all camps, sports and excursions.  These items will be listed on the parent permission form.




  • The school uniform or dress code includes sun protective items that protects as much of the skin as possible such as shirts with collars and longer sleeves, and swim tops for swimming.
  • Require staff and students to wear a rashie or similar top for swimming/water activities (may not be appropriate for competitive swimming)




  • Sunscreen is available and accessible to staff and students around the school grounds eg in the classroom, at the school office or canteen. Sunscreen is listed as an item students are required to buy for the school year
  • All students and staff will apply SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors e.g. prior to school, before lunch, PE lessons, sports, excursions etc.
  • Staff will ensure that sunscreen is reapplied to the students and themselves every two hours or more frequently if it is washed or wiped off.
  • Sunscreen will be stored in a cool place, out of the sun.
  • The occupational safety and health representative will monitor the expiry date of sunscreen and discard when out of date.


Role Modelling


  • Staff, students and visitors will act as positive role models and demonstrate SunSmart behaviour when attending school by:
    • wearing a SunSmart hat (wide brimmed, bucket or legionnaires style)
    • applying SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen
    • using and promoting shade
    • wearing SunSmart clothing
    • wearing sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard 1067.




  • Sun protection will be considered when excursions are planned, specifically time of day and availability of shade.



  • Sun protection is part of the curriculum.




  • Sun protection information will be promoted to staff, families and visitors.
  • Sun protection is promoted via newsletters, assemblies, daily messages, whole school activities, and parent and staff meetings.



  • The sun protection policy will be made available to staff and parents.
  • Parents are informed of this sun protection policy when they enrol their child/children.
  • All new employees are briefed on the sun protection policy.
  • The policy is monitored and reviewed annually.




Girls  - Maroon Sports Skirt

          Maroon Rugby Knit Shorts

          Maroon Air Flow Shorts

          Maroon  Skorts

          Maroon Shorts

          Blue T-Shirt with collar

          Maroon Broad Brim Hat

          Year 6 Polo Shirts


Boys - Maroon Rugger Shorts

          Maroon Shorts W/Zip

          Maroon Shorts No/Zip

          Maroon Rugby Knit Shorts

          Maroon Air Flow Shorts

          Blue T-Shirt with collar

          Maroon Broad Brim Hat

          Year 6 Polo Shirt




Girls -  School T-shirts or Yr 6 Polo Shirts

          School Jumper or Zip Jacket

          Grey or Maroon Fleecy Tracksuit pants


Boys - School T-shirts or Yr 6 Polo Shirts

          School Jumper or Zip Jacket

          Grey or Maroon Fleecy Tracksuit pants



  • Footwear – thongs, slip on shoes, high heels and health or beach sandals are not permitted. 
  • Jewellery – For safety reasons students may only wear the following items of jewellery –
      • 1 pr earrings – either sleepers or studs
      • a watch
      • one neck chain
      • medic alert bracelet
  • Education Department regulations state that hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back




Items may be purchased from the Uniform Shop from 8.30am – 9.30am on Wednesday & Friday.  If these times are not suitable for working parents, arrangements can be made by calling into the front office and making a time.




Students who, for religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the school dress code should make an appointment with the Principal.  Staff will be informed of any student granted an exemption.




Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.  Every attempt will be made to return marked items; however, no responsibility will be taken for lost items.




Articles of clothing found on school property go into a lost property box in the front office.  At the end of each term unclaimed articles are either used as spare clothes within the school or donated to charity.




If families experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of a uniform for a student, they should contact the Principal to discuss the situation.




For students not adhering to the dress code the following will occur:-


  • encouragement to wear the uniform
  • contact with the parent
  • counselling on the benefits of the dress code
  • assistance and/or support in obtaining suitable clothing.


Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to represent the school at official school activities, including excursions, sporting and social events.




The following are examples of inappropriate presentations:- Black T-shirts, sleeveless tops, shoe string tops, mid-riff tops, T-shirts with slogans, visible stick on tattoos, make-up including nail polish, brightly coloured hair, coloured lip gloss, no facial jewellery (e.g. nose studs). 


Dress Code