Science Program

Science at Swan View Primary

The teaching of Science at Swan View Primary School took a big leap forward in 2013. With the introduction of the new National Curriculum in Science, we began and developed a whole-school approach to science education.


Targeted funding has been spent on resources, and on the Indigenous High Achievers in Science program.  The school now has a very well appointed science room that caters for science classes throughout all year groups.


The new science program involves a very hands-on approach and uses the Primary Connections series of books as a basis for most of the in-class learning. These books are aligned directly with the new National Curriculum and were developed by scientists at the National Science Academy.

Each term we focused on a different strand of science – Physical Science, Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science and Biological Science. Each term’s work consisted of a series of lessons which followed on from each other and assisted in developing a good, basic understanding of the scientific concepts involved with each year group. The progression of lessons each term covered the 5 stages of learning in science which are engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate. We are well on track to meet the requirements of the National Science Curriculum in 2015.


With partnerships being forged with the Scitech Discovery Centre and the new Scientists in Schools program, in association with Fluor Australia, we were able to give students both the encouragement and opportunity to pursue an interest in science that went beyond ‘normal’ classroom learning experiences.


During the year, our students had 4 visits to Scitech which involved most of our older students. We also set up a lunchtime science club where students could come and explore a wide range of scientific resources dealing with many science topics such as magnetism, forces, electricity, construction, biology and astronomy.


We also ran a program for our year 7 students in science during 2013 which aimed at preparing them for high school. We provided them with learning experiences which helped to develop a basic understanding of many of the topics covered in the areas of Physical and Chemical science.

Another aspect of our new science program was a ‘Our Science Discoveries’ poster competition which we ran in term 4. The purpose of this competition was for the students to show, using pictures, diagrams and written explanations, some of what they had learned throughout the year in science. We had over half the students at the school enter this competition and some of the entries were nothing short of remarkable. The winning 3 entries in each age group were displayed over the Christmas holidays at Scitech Discovery centre which was very exciting both for the successful students and the science teachers as it reinforced the fact that the science program is having a real and positive influence on the learning of our students.


Although there are still improvements that can be made to our whole-school science program, we have achieved a lot in our first year and with the continued enthusiasm and development by staff and students, the science learning area will develop even further and provide better learning experiences for our students. 


Science Specialist teacher role was introduced in 2013 and with targeted teaching we can expect our student achievement to improve over time.



 Mr Peterson and Miss O’Shaughnessy

  A Recycling Art Mash Up!


As a school community we pride ourselves with the amount of recycling that we do such as paper, plastic, food and garden waste therefore reducing our land fill under the guidance of Mr Durant. However we need your help to take this fantastic movement even further and get a little arty at the same time.


Our A6 class has been inspired to take up the challenge of combining art and recycling to produce new classroom and building signs for the whole school using a range of recycled materials (suggestions listed below).  This activity supports our whole school ongoing effort to continue and encourage school pride by adding some artistic flair.  As you can see by the stunning photographs almost anything goes. We are looking for a variety of materials that will be durable and eye catching, these include keys, buttons, coffee tin lids, old textas, magnets, cookie cutters, small toys and figurines, plastic lids of all shapes and sizes, lego, old CDs and DVDs and much more. If there is anything that is not listed above but you think it “fits the bill” please bring it in. There will be a tub in the office for your ongoing collection donations. 


The only way for this project to reach its full potential is for our whole school community to come on board and start sorting their trash from their treasure. We have bundles of enthusiasm and the drive to complete the task the only thing that will hold us back is if we have nothing to add to our new signs. Our aim is make over 27 signs consisting of 87 letters or numbers! So it’s time for a spring clean, have a rummage through those old boxes, clear out the shed and don’t forget to keep all those lids or anything you think will make our artwork shine.


We hope that ‘from small things big things grow’!