Environmental Studies Program


2013 will see the ninth full year of environmental responsibility as a focus in the School Improvement Plan.  Overarching learning outcomes related to communication, personal growth and the arts were developed in all classrooms using the environment as a vehicle.  All classes were supplied with a set of prepared environmental lessons.


Some notable areas of school achievement were:

  • Continued planting of trees and shrubs to re-afforest creek line and degraded areas away from creek area.
  • Mulching of existing trees.
  • Weeding programs plus commercial spraying of large infestations mainly targeting Watsonia, Patterson’s Curse and Arum Lilly.
  • Clean Up Australia Day - students analysing rubbish and classifying into recyclable or landfill.
  • Incursions and excursions eg, Kleen Away, Litter Watch, Redhill Waste Transfer Station, Air Watch, Water wise and Waste Watch.
  • Recycling extended to paper (office grade and cardboard), batteries, mobile phones, green waste, aluminium cans, printer cartridges and worm farms.  Recycling has proven to save costs on rubbish removal and created a tidier environment and changing attitude of staff and students.
  • Solar Schools grant of $12,000.
  • Green vouchers grant of $50,000 - installation of water tanks, to recycle water to toilets.