Community Satisfaction


Surveys conducted with staff students and parents indicated that the school community was generally satisfied with the local schooling process. 


The staff of the school is considered by the parents to be dedicated and providing the best opportunities for the students.  Programs and decisions are valued by both parents and students for the impact they have on student achievement.


Teaching and Learning

96% of parents see their child as being actively involved in learning.


98% agree that teachers support learning and participation of all students.


98% of responses agreed that the school has high standards of behaviour.



100% of responses indicated that the school valued the role of parents.


97% agreed that communication was appropriate and timely.


100% of responses indicated that parents felt welcomed at the school.


Parents support the teachers in the understanding that student achievement does not only refer to the academic success.  Parents want our school to produce whole rounded individuals to possess social and personal competencies.  There is a general concurrence of opinion that a good working partnership between school and community is what makes a good school.  The staff and students at Swan View Primary School are supported by the school community with a strong spirit and a sense of pride.  Our school is valued by parents and carers and there is much anecdotal evidence to support this reality.