Library Resource Centre



I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books than a king who did not love reading.
Thomas B. Macaulay


Welcome to the Library Resource Centre.  The role of the L.R.C. is to develop the INFORMATION LITERACY of the school community and foster in its users a love of literature.  All its users must recognise when information is NEEDED, have the ability to LOCATE, EVALUATE and USE it EFFECTIVELY.   Ultimately, information literate people are those who have learned HOW TO LEARN .  To delve into Literature  gives us the opportunity to develop an understanding of those who are unlike us, assists  us to build  points of view, and helps us realise that we are not alone. It also helps us to learn better ways to behave, we can explore big issues, see bias, explore cultures and beliefs, benefit from the insight of others, question accepted knowledge and expand vocabulary and language.  Literature gives us the opportunity to develop tastes and escape and enjoy ourselves. Please enjoy the journey with us.


Please enjoy time reading , viewing or listening to the wonderful resources that your children will bring home . Our LRC has a vast and up-to-date collection and many special moments can be enjoyed by you and your child in escaping into another world, laughing at humourous situations in books or talking about new facts learned together, only to name a few.


The following  information  will tell you about our L.R.C. and  we  encourage you all to talk about its role, timetable, practical recommendations, borrowing procedures, plan to share its treasures  and  respond to a request for helpers.


1. All children from Kindy – Yr7 come to the L.R.C., with their class, for 1 session during the week.  Children may return or borrow resources at lunchtime and before or after school each day.


Class Library Times





· Please provide your child with a library bag to protect items borrowed and send in plastic shopping bags as they are always needed as emergency library bags


· Please encourage your child to visit the school library, borrow resources and be involved in activities in the library.


Remind your children to look after resources, keep them in a safe place at home and return them to the library. 


Be a member of you local Public Library.  To extend you children’s access to resources, please join your local Library.  The main aim of the L.R.C. is to provide resources to meet the needs of the school curriculum.  Therefore, we do not have the variety of resources that can be found in the Public Library.                                                                                                                         




· Resources are to be transported in a library bag so that resources can be protected.


· Resources are borrowed for one week but they can be renewed ( except for videos/DVDs).


· Children in K – Year 2 may borrow one resource, Years 3 – 7  borrow two resources, but requests  for more resources will be accommodated. Classrooms have bulk loans of Library resources in them.


· If children do not return all the resources that they have borrowed, they will not be permitted to borrow.


· Children may borrow resources for all 2 week school holiday periods as long as they have no outstanding loans.


· The school needs to be reimbursed for lost or damages resources.  If this is not appropriate or not possible, please inform the library staff.  Payments should be made at the school office, where a receipt will be issued.


·  All children will be informed when they have overdue resources and will also take a printed note home. Prompt action means resources can be in circulation and valuable staff time is not wasted.


2. If you are able to volunteer to help in the library, please fill in the tear-off slip and return to the L.R.C. The library staff will contact you in the near future with a roster.


We look forward to a rewarding time where children take responsibility for their learning and leisure time reading and enjoy the challenge.