Good Standing Policy 2020

Good Standing Policy

Our Vision

At Swan View Primary School our vision is to create an environment in which students are engaged in the joy of learning and have the courage to reach their full potential. Everybody has the opportunity to redeem themselves.

Our Mission

Is to provide an environment which engages and nurtures the learner so that every student and staff member can be their best possible self.


In 2018, a directive was published by the Minister for Education on school violence, ‘Let’s make a stand together’. This required schools to take action with students who fight or engage in other aggressive, violent actions. All schools are required to suspend/ exclude students who fight or who make intentional physical contact with other students or staff and thus disrupt the good order of the school.

The development of a Good Standing Policy is a mandatory requirement for all public schools in response to the increasing incidents of violence in schools. This policy adheres to the Department of Education (WA) 2018 directive issued under section 232 of the School Education Act 1999 by the Director General.

Policy Statement

At Swan View Primary School, we strive to create a safe and caring learning environment. Good Standing emphasises the importance of students taking responsibility for negative choices made. Good standing supports the Behaviour Management Policy.

Good Standing at Swan View Primary School

At the beginning of each year all students commence with and retain Good Standing whilst they demonstrate behaviours that align with the schools values.

To maintain Good Standing at Swan View Primary School students must:

Follow the Behaviour Management Policy


Loss of Good Standing

Students will lose Good Standing when they breach any of the below dot points, or after three withdrawals from class or the playground and after they have received one suspension.

  • Not be involved in major behaviour breaches including but not limited to:
  • Verbal and/ or physical abuse of peers and staff (automatic suspension)
  • Threatening other students (automatic suspension)
  • Threatening staff members (automatic suspension)
  • Intimidating students and staff members (automatic suspension)
  • Avoid the misuse of technologies
  • Cyberbullying
  • Inappropriate searches
  • Sharing inappropriate searches
  • Composing inappropriate messages
  • Avoid fighting which will bring an automatic suspension


Reinstating Good Standing

Students will regain their Good Standing after negotiation with the Leadership Team, on a case-by- case basis.


Parent Contact Regarding Good Standing

  • At the beginning of each year, all parents and caregivers will be reminded about the Good Standing Policy.
  • If your child is suspended, parents/ carers are required to make contact by phone, e-mail or a meeting prior to the student returning to school.
  • Students will enter into a behaviour improvement agreement signed by the parent / caregiver and monitored by the Leadership Team for a 10 day period of attendance with good behaviour to regain their Good Standing. The Leadership Team will notify parents/ carers once the students Good Standing has been regained.



Good Standing allows students to take part in:

  • Incursions and excursions
  • Whole school rewards
  • Winning faction picnics
  • Sporting events including: faction carnival, interschool matches, interschool carnivals, special sporting events e.g. Harmony Day
  • The gaining of class awards
  • Aussie of the Month Awards
  • Leadership roles in the school: Class captains, Sports captains, School councillors
  • Year 6 Graduation celebrations
  • River Rangers
  • V-Swans Community Program
  • After school mathematics sessions
  • After school Learning Hub
  • Children's University